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A certain divine levity

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, cover

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, interior

“What we experience in dreams, provided we experience it often, pertains at last just as much to the general belongings of our soul as anything ‘actually’ experienced; by virtue thereof we are richer or poorer, we have a requirement more or less, and finally, in broad daylight, and even in the brightest moments of our waking life, we are ruled to some extent by the nature of our dreams. Supposing that someone has often flown in his dreams, and that at last, as soon as he dreams, he is conscious of the power and art of flying as his privilege and his peculiarly enviable happiness; such a person, who believes that on the slightest impulse, he can actualize all sorts of curves and angles, who knows the sensation of a certain divine levity, an ‘upwards’ without effort or constraint, a ‘downwards’ without descending or lowering—without TROUBLE!—how could the man with such dream- experiences and dream-habits fail to find ‘happiness’ differently coloured and defined, even in his waking hours! How could he fail—to long DIFFERENTLY for happiness? ‘Flight,’ such as is described by poets, must, when compared with his own ‘flying,’ be far too earthly, muscular, violent, far too ‘troublesome’ for him.”

Read by M. Astor
Nietzsche, Friedrich. Beyond Good and Evil. Translated by Helen Zimmern. Project Gutenberg, 2003.

CT+CR Collective

The Critical Theory and Creative Research Collective is devoted to socio-political critique, including the rethinking and recalibration of unstable, fast-changing relations between machine-generated data and human experience, theory and practice, the possible and the real, time and judgment, process and end-driven behavior. Its members include Anne-Marie Oliver, Barry Sanders, Marie-Pierre Hasne, Joan Handwerg, Nicole Smith, Marshall Astor, Carmen Denison, Peter Falanga, Andre Fortes, Dustin Freemont, Val Hardy, Lauren Heagerty, Hannah Horovitz, Evangelina Owens, Mel Ponis, Kevin Smith, Mohammed Usrof, Brooke Wendt, and Chloé Womack.

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