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march 3rd, 2013 Sigmund. Freud. Dream. Monument. setting. sun. today.

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march 3rd, 2013 Sigmund.Freud. Dream. Monument. setting. sun. and. long. shadows.WP_006891 WP_006897 WP_006899 WP_006901 WP_006905More

march 3rd, 2013_vienna_sigmund. freud. DREAM. MONUMENT_today 14.20 hour

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2013_vienna_sigmund.freud.DREAM.MONUMENT_today 14.20 hour_ and the place of “palais belle vue”… More – countdown. from. five_2 goes 1

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if doors had to stay closed – they would have been named > walls


Humans say: I am content – I am decision – I am  door… More _ countdown. from. five _ 3 goes 2

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YO + OS sitting in an elsewhere-place

they are sitting at a carpet –

down the carpet is water –

around them is space –

a brick wall is wandering around – depending on the talk-content


YO: > I will go to sleep now.… More – countdown. from. five – 4 goes 3 – 28.02.13

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end of linear time experiences


(4)3 steps


step 1




me – sitting in my teenaged room

a small table with a vertical lamp in the middle of the table

the lamp crowned with a palm-leaves-light-umbrella


the table stands directly beside a wall


the east-south-west-north table – light-centered


the wall looks like to be the 1st guest of the table

I am second one

and face-to-face a female friend  – she is the third guest at the table


the fourth place (face-to-face to the wall) is still free


suddenly a “big (and endless – no begin – no end) stream of energy” (strong as the airpower of a

highspeed-train) comes through the wall – exactly surrounding the table – directly streaming to

the still empty fourth place – continuing straight into the room – ongoing to the endless


my friend and me – looking each other – into our eyes – YES – both of us realize the same phenomenon


we feel the strongness – we are surprised in one way – and not surprised in another way


we call it “the stream (train) of consciousness”



step 2




me – as a mother – sitting in the joint flat of my teenaged daughter…

… knowing – in some years I have to release my mommyhood on her – and to go

–        (the flat already was/is rented to her name)


I feel something like “cold” but I know – I have to realize it


suddenly  – a very strong “stream (train) of consciousness goes trough the room – I am sitting in (I do

not remember the experience of my teenage yet)


I follow the phenomenon – it takes me to a journey all around the virtual world


at start I can only feel the energy of the stream (train)  by itself  – I am part of it – and I have no borders

(no individuality) – therefore the stream is me – and I am the stream (train)


“It”/”We” are streaming all around the virtual world to realize the look/manifestation/etc.… More

ongoing by dreams – countdown from five – 5goes4 – 27.02.2013 – flashback

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ongoing by dreams

countdown from five

5goes4 – 27.02.2013 – flashback


it´s me – in my actual age

I am fully dressed – in the belly of my mother

I´d liked to go out of it finally

the head=face of my father appears like a hologram in the belly-room

he hands me a lightsource

in this light I can realize the rules of patterns+material+mental.walls …

…our security-constructions…our security-codes…our security-context…

…our houses…our amniotic sacs

I realize it contentionally – that moment I am out

first a known (but even still unseen) point in the universe – in extremely high speed

coming nearer and nearer – from the universe – seen first as a rotating point –

than as a rotating globe than as a rotating naked human body –

suddenly the rotating naked human body breaks through the roof of the house

I am rented in –  than through the walls of my flat – than into my room

(where I am just sleeping) – into my sleeping body



day+night – with soft light – falling asleep

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vienna - urania - watercorner with soft light - falling asleep


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telepathic greetings from vienna