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SOCIAL IMAGINARY / Mar. 02, 2013 / by / 2 Comments


Sustainable planning
Under the Cobblestones, the Beach!

What is the weight of a social imaginary on the construction of either a national politic or social movements?

How does Americas hamburger neo-liberal market of imagery boost or hide our potential to come together around needed social reforms?

It strikes me how drab Germany is (where I’ve recently been living). And yet it can be said in some ways that this place has a better quality of life and greater respect for worker rights then the Grand ol’ USA.

It gets you wondering, directly, about the role a social imaginary plays in a democracy.

Just askin’, because I know the answer doesn’t lay here.

Marc Herbst

2 responses to “Cobblestones”

  1. Michael Wilson says:

    the culture industry is and will probably continue to be key to rallying support for reforms – the kind that attempt to short-circuit revolutionary energies.

    is Germany drab because any collective enthusiasms immediately evoke memories of Nurenberg?

  2. Marc Herbst says:

    Oh, you mean the Anti-Deutsche?
    While an object lesson I can/will (?) post about, it is, I think much deeper
    then Nurenberg… or at least if it is, then man, its deep.

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