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ONEIRIC TRACES / Feb. 17, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

Flight training desperate measures

past few nights monkeys play in the foyer, a series of white colonnaded steps leading in every direction. there is a menacing stranger oblivious to the monkeys, rapidly ascending the steps. the glass doors to the shape shifting houseboat at the edge of the field are locked. I pivot but my legs will not move. the monkeys are at play. the stranger is getting closer.

i wake knowing i need more training. an ability to get off the ground. to make the iconography of childhood present in dreams. i find a cape and begin training.


flighttraining Provocation #3.1

the flyer asks too much of the air. the lacuna of molecules between her and the surface of ground still too wide. more training will follow.

cape in wind

Holen Kahn

One response to “Flight training desperate measures”

  1. I am at the de young museum now in San Francisco. I will see if I am inspired to fly in dreams. In my past dreaming I have flown..not for a few years now. Thank you for the gift of this fly/dream lab. I am a dream worker and a psychotherapist. Meg

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