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FROM ATHENS, GREECE / Mar. 01, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

Flight Training Slumber Action #2 – Traces

Dear readers, we have been trying to dream together as a small group in the middle of Athens. We have been trying to fly.

We are sending traces of our experience of attempting to join our collective dream-forces. And our attempt to form friendships. And our attempt to create common kinship in the midst of difficulty and ugliness. We tried again to fly together on the last Friday night of February. We arrived in the middle of the night, changed into our pajamas and laid out our sleeping bags. We cared for each other, we created rituals to ease our bodies and foster intimacy. We also fought- navigating between creating a safe space, and creating an honest space. We tried to simulate flight through mind-body visualizations- in the way that an athlete prepares for a physical performance. We let our bodies lie next to one another in extreme vulnerability, hearing each breath and turn in the night.


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