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Gordon Lawrence’s  Social Dreaming website

Interview with Dr Gordon Lawrence on the development of Social Dreaming

A description of the social dreaming phenomenon by W. Gordon Lawrence

Article on Social Dreaming by Dr. Servaas van Beekum and Kathy Laverty, Transactional Analysis Journal

Social Dreaming in the 21st Century: the World we are losing by John Clare and Ali Zarbafi, ebook–XIIq4C&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false

Culture Dreaming by Richard Rosso

Syncronicity, Social Dreaming and Surprises by Herbert Hahn, British Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

Psychology Today article on the Social Unconscious

the Social Unconscious by Earl Hopper, ebook preview

Erich Fromm’s Concept of Social Character, article by Rainer Funk

Experiences in Social Dreaming – W. Gordon Lawrence

Social Dreaming: Dickens and the Fairy Tale – Elaine Ostry