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FROM ATHENS, GREECE / Feb. 21, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

Strategy ∞ Creating Creativity

Hello to all dreamers,

last night I remember I had this epiphany,
I discovered in my dream the secret to everything we do,
and it all came down to one sentence:
We create creativity,
I kept thinking I must not forget this phrase,
because regardless of the result of what we do,
the important thing, i thought,
is that we create creativity.

I have forgotten all the circumstances that led to that ‘discovery’
but I know that in my dream we were all there discussing things
and making some actions,

The only thing I actually remember is that I lit a very long cigarette
and I smoked, and I got very scared in my dream,
worrying I will again get addicted to nicotine
and suffer like I used to suffer when I smoked almost three packs a day…

Then I woke up feeling I must tell you this discovery,
the creating creativity discovery.

Alexandros Georgiou


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