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The CT+CR Collective for the Social Dream Lab, de Young Museum, San Francisco, California;
February 6-March 3, 2013

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Reading the Dead

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beginning with Bachelard’s notion of “dreams of will,” members of the CT+CR Collective read from the dream works of the dead, some with resurrectional intent. … More

Empty Heads of Men

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“The perception of other people and the intersubjective world is problematical only for adults. The child lives in a world which he unhesitatingly believes accessible to all around him. He has no awareness of himself or of others as private subjectivities, nor does he suspect that all of us, himself included, are limited to one certain point of view of the world.… More

by night I am I.

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I.  I see life as a roadside inn where I have to stay until the coach from the abyss pulls up. I don’t know where it will take me, because I don’t know anything. I could see this inn as a prison, for I’m compelled to wait in it; I could see it as a social centre, for its here that I meet others.More

From Leaves of Grass

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Picture 5


“The sky continues beautiful,

The pleasure of men with women shall never be sated, nor the pleasure of women with men, nor the pleasure from poems,

The domestic joys, the daily housework or business, the building of houses—these are not phantasms—they have weight, form, location;

Farms, profits, crops, markets, wages, government, are none of them phantasms,

The difference between sin and goodness is no delusion,

The earth is not an echo—man and his life, and all the things of his life, are well-consider’d.… More

And The Sea

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Hemingway Book Cover Hemingway pg


“He was asleep in a short time and he dreamed of Africa when he was a boy and the long golden beaches and the white beaches, so white they hurt your eyes, and the high capes and the great brown mountains.… More

The moment of potential collapse

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“The only question in this journey is: how far can we go in the extermination of meaning, how far can we go in the non-referential desert form without cracking up and, of course, still keep alive the esoteric charm of disappearance?… More

Brave New World

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“The effect of Darwin Bonaparte’s film was immediate and enormous. On the afternoon which followed the evening of its release John’s rustic solitude was suddenly broken by the arrival overhead of a great swarm of helicopters.
He was digging in his garden—digging, too, in his own mind, laboriously turning up the substance of his thought.… More

Passes through several walls

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ulysses book cover mod lib


“(Bloom walks on a net, covers his left eye with his left ear, passes through several walls, climbs Nelson’s Pillar, hangs from the top ledge by his eyelids, eats twelve dozen oysters (shells included), heals several sufferers from king’s evil, contracts his face so as to resemble many historical personages, Lord Beaconsfield, Lord Byron, Wat Tyler, Moses of Egypt, Moses Maimonides, Moses Mendelssohn, Henry Irving, Rip van Winkle, Kossuth, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Baron Leopold Rothschild, Robinson Crusoe, Sherlock Holmes, Pasteur, turns each foot simultaneously in different directions, bids the tide turn back, eclipses the sun by extending his little finger.More


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Prevert, Paroles

Read by M.P. Hasne

“C’est la guerre c’est l’été

Déjà l’été encore la guerre

Et la ville isolée désolée

Sourit sourit encore

Sourit sourit quant même

De son doux regard d’été

Sourit doucement à ceux qui s’aiment

C’est la guerre et c’est l’été

Un homme avec une femme

Marchent dans un musée

Ce musée c’est le Louvre

Cette ville c’est Paris

Et la fraîcheur du monde

Est là tout endormie

Un gardien se réveille en entendant les pas

Appuie sur un bouton et retombe dans son rêve

Cependant qu’apparaît dans sa niche de pierre

La merveille de l’Égypte debout dans sa lumière

La statue d’Osiris vivante dans le bois mort

Vivante à faire mourir une nouvelle fois de plus

Toutes les idoles mortes des églises de Paris

Et les amants s’embrassent

Osiris les marie

Et puis rentre dans l’ombre

De sa vivante nuit.”

Read by M.P.… More

Spontaneous Combustions

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The Psychoanalysis of FireBachelard text

“In my youth, at the time of the great winter festivals, they used to prepare a brûlot (brandy burnt with sugar). My father would pour into a wide dish some marc-brandy produced from our own vineyard. In the center he would place pieces of broken sugar, the biggest ones in the sugar bowl.… More