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Unconscious Conversations (Day 18)

Feb. 23, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

February 21, Fredericka, Editing Principle: Wild Forest, inside the Omonia pot


I went with two companions in a forest a month ago, they were caring for me, maybe as my soul guards. It’s so sunny today that the day makes me feel I want to dance in the woods like a wild animal again.… More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 17)

Feb. 22, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

February 20, Jennifer, Editing Principle: writing bank manifestos with their bodies


dreams look like video games:
we have to conquer a ship, to enter the captain’s cabin,
I have some strange creature in my hand as tall as a two-story building.More

Strategy #4 – Dreaming Reality

Feb. 21, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

1. The Violence is real

They are ripping off her clothes surrounded in a circle, the 2 cops are watching-  she is flying in a circle
The police officer grabs his head and hits it in the cart, his girlfriend is hysterical screaming
He hits me and I fly off 2 meters, he was wearing something like a circle on his neck
He has a devil inside, so he went to an island to be exorcised
She hits me and her hair flies towards me, she left a blue circle on my neck
I fly and force my head to hit into a car, I left a circle
I fly and see the sky, I feel like a circle
The police car flew out of nowhere, a police officer was pushing my head in
I was in a police cage where circles were painted
I was at the police station, they surrounded me in a circle
A girl hits me with something glass and heavy like a bottle, I had 2 blue circles around my eyes
I hit my head into a wall many times
I have to put them in disconnected circles
I just want to fly and I finally found a way to do it
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Rosina Ivanova


 … More