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The CT+CR Collective for the Social Dream Lab, de Young Museum, San Francisco, California;
February 6-March 3, 2013

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Reading the Dead

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beginning with Bachelard’s notion of “dreams of will,” members of the CT+CR Collective read from the dream works of the dead, some with resurrectional intent. … More

What Does It Mean to Speak of ‘Dreams of Will’?

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“Because reverie is nearly always associated in our minds with a state of relaxation we fail to appreciate those dreams of focused action which I will call dreams of will.  And so, when the real stands before us in all its terrestrial materiality, we are easily persuaded that the reality principle must usurp the unreality principle, forgetting the unconscious impulses, the oneiric forces which flow unceasingly through our conscious life. … More

Spontaneous Combustions

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The Psychoanalysis of FireBachelard text

“In my youth, at the time of the great winter festivals, they used to prepare a brûlot (brandy burnt with sugar). My father would pour into a wide dish some marc-brandy produced from our own vineyard. In the center he would place pieces of broken sugar, the biggest ones in the sugar bowl.… More