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Unconscious Conversations (Day 14)

Feb. 22, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

February 17, Manos, Editing Principle: by Script


(A and J walk into the room, it’s a rainy day in Athens)

A: Hello to all dreamers,

J: Hi all. Glad we didn’t sleep outside last night!!

A: Last night I remember I had this epiphany,
Idiscovered in my dream the secret to everything we do,
and it all came down to one sentence:

J: Up at the top of the ceiling in a tall loft-type building.… More

Strategy #4 – Dreaming Reality

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1. The Violence is real

They are ripping off her clothes surrounded in a circle, the 2 cops are watching-  she is flying in a circle
The police officer grabs his head and hits it in the cart, his girlfriend is hysterical screaming
He hits me and I fly off 2 meters, he was wearing something like a circle on his neck
He has a devil inside, so he went to an island to be exorcised
She hits me and her hair flies towards me, she left a blue circle on my neck
I fly and force my head to hit into a car, I left a circle
I fly and see the sky, I feel like a circle
The police car flew out of nowhere, a police officer was pushing my head in
I was in a police cage where circles were painted
I was at the police station, they surrounded me in a circle
A girl hits me with something glass and heavy like a bottle, I had 2 blue circles around my eyes
I hit my head into a wall many times
I have to put them in disconnected circles
I just want to fly and I finally found a way to do it
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Rosina Ivanova


 … More

Strategy ∞ Creating Creativity

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Hello to all dreamers,

last night I remember I had this epiphany,
I discovered in my dream the secret to everything we do,
and it all came down to one sentence:
We create creativity,
I kept thinking I must not forget this phrase,
because regardless of the result of what we do,
the important thing, i thought,
is that we create creativity.… More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 12)

Feb. 20, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

February 15, Jennifer, Editing Principle- Juxtapositions: Feelings, Eyes, and Messages

I didn’t know if I should believe her, but it felt nice that she said so.
and i was excited and ashamed
with a little regret, I was surprised and further ashamed.More

Flight Training Slumber Action #1 (a.k.a. day 11)

Feb. 17, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

A trace from our intention to dream together on February 14, Athens Greece

Listen to our Dream Session Preparations mixed by Manos from recordings of our group’s tentative attempts to create a collective atmosphere for dreaming.

[pro-player width=’600′ height=’55’ type=’mp3′][/pro-player]… More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 10)

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February 13, Amalia, Editing Principle: poetry


the night they would love to all live dreams that have escaped

 … More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 9)

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February 12, Manos, edited by edit


Just streaming in dreaming-

Looking, up, at the golden leaf ceiling.

i dreamt again many things, what i remember is the part where Jennifer wanted to meet me at avocado a place with vegetarian food on Nikis street, i went there once and thought it was pricey, and a bit strange, like an American spiritual place in India.… More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 8)

Feb. 13, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

February 11, Fredericka, Editing Principle: the sum of my other 987629 selves, counting symbols written into the body

The key: We were both mad, We both had a point. 117
…………We  were both  3, and we both had  a   5

I had the dream that I am 8 something that is not true, so my 5 was true but the 5 in it was not.… More

flight training slumber action – Creating the Future of Flying

Feb. 13, 2013 / by / 2 Comments

Dream Session #1

Our dream page provides a description of self-made training centers with sleeping bags and hot milk in rooms and open spaces for take off.

With units of pressure increasing in the crisis in Athens, dream rates are increasing, the aviation industry expanding, and the demand for qualified flying personnel has never been greater.… More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 7)

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February 10, Jennifer, Editing Principle: Movement toward and away from….love

I was feeling like a cement block and couldn’t move from the chair to the bed. I wasn’t seeking flight.  I didn’t want to control my dreams.  I wanted to go to sleep to forget all I heard. More