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Strategy #3 Omonia Square

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Today the Guerrilla Optimists attempted to dream in Omonia Square. Just after a mother found refuge in heroin while her dirty toddler son played by her side, and just before the communist demonstration closed down traffic in the square, we lay on this neglected ground to affirm the possibility of collective dreaming.… More – countdown. from. five – 4 goes 3 – 28.02.13

Feb. 28, 2013 / by / 1 Comments _ countdown.from.five _ 4goes3dreamlap


end of linear time experiences


(4)3 steps


step 1




me – sitting in my teenaged room

a small table with a vertical lamp in the middle of the table

the lamp crowned with a palm-leaves-light-umbrella


the table stands directly beside a wall


the east-south-west-north table – light-centered


the wall looks like to be the 1st guest of the table

I am second one

and face-to-face a female friend  – she is the third guest at the table


the fourth place (face-to-face to the wall) is still free


suddenly a “big (and endless – no begin – no end) stream of energy” (strong as the airpower of a

highspeed-train) comes through the wall – exactly surrounding the table – directly streaming to

the still empty fourth place – continuing straight into the room – ongoing to the endless


my friend and me – looking each other – into our eyes – YES – both of us realize the same phenomenon


we feel the strongness – we are surprised in one way – and not surprised in another way


we call it “the stream (train) of consciousness”



step 2




me – as a mother – sitting in the joint flat of my teenaged daughter…

… knowing – in some years I have to release my mommyhood on her – and to go

–        (the flat already was/is rented to her name)


I feel something like “cold” but I know – I have to realize it


suddenly  – a very strong “stream (train) of consciousness goes trough the room – I am sitting in (I do

not remember the experience of my teenage yet)


I follow the phenomenon – it takes me to a journey all around the virtual world


at start I can only feel the energy of the stream (train)  by itself  – I am part of it – and I have no borders

(no individuality) – therefore the stream is me – and I am the stream (train)


“It”/”We” are streaming all around the virtual world to realize the look/manifestation/etc.… More

ongoing by dreams – countdown from five – 5goes4 – 27.02.2013 – flashback

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ongoing by dreams

countdown from five

5goes4 – 27.02.2013 – flashback


it´s me – in my actual age

I am fully dressed – in the belly of my mother

I´d liked to go out of it finally

the head=face of my father appears like a hologram in the belly-room

he hands me a lightsource

in this light I can realize the rules of patterns+material+mental.walls …

…our security-constructions…our security-codes…our security-context…

…our houses…our amniotic sacs

I realize it contentionally – that moment I am out

first a known (but even still unseen) point in the universe – in extremely high speed

coming nearer and nearer – from the universe – seen first as a rotating point –

than as a rotating globe than as a rotating naked human body –

suddenly the rotating naked human body breaks through the roof of the house

I am rented in –  than through the walls of my flat – than into my room

(where I am just sleeping) – into my sleeping body



Spontaneous Combustions

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The Psychoanalysis of FireBachelard text

“In my youth, at the time of the great winter festivals, they used to prepare a brûlot (brandy burnt with sugar). My father would pour into a wide dish some marc-brandy produced from our own vineyard. In the center he would place pieces of broken sugar, the biggest ones in the sugar bowl.… More

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

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“I think it is the year 1909.  I feel as if I were in a moving-picture theatre, the long arm of light crossing the darkness and spinning, my eyes fixed upon the screen.  It is a silent picture, as if an old Biograph one, in which the actors are dressed in ridiculously old-fashioned clothes, and one flash succeeds another with sudden jumps, and the actors, too, seem to jump about, walking too fast. … More

Morituri te salatamus!

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Cover - B. Traven, The Death Ship

Interior - B. Traven, The Death Ship

“I looked up and there stood a man.  Naked and covered with streaming sweat and soot.  He was the fireman of the watch I was to relieve now.  Human beings could not live here, since devils could not.  But this fireman, he could, he had to. … More


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George Orwell Cover

George Orwell pages

“He could not remember what had happened, but he knew in his dream that in some way the lives of his mother and his sister had been sacrificed to his own. It was one of those dreams which, while retaining the characteristic dream scenery, are in continuation of one’s intellectual life, and in which one becomes aware of facts and ideas which still seem new and valuable after one is awake.… More

Unconscious Conversations (Day 8)

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February 11, Fredericka, Editing Principle: the sum of my other 987629 selves, counting symbols written into the body

The key: We were both mad, We both had a point. 117
…………We  were both  3, and we both had  a   5

I had the dream that I am 8 something that is not true, so my 5 was true but the 5 in it was not.… More