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FROM ATHENS, GREECE / Feb. 22, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

Unconscious Conversations (Day 14)

February 17, Manos, Editing Principle: by Script


(A and J walk into the room, it’s a rainy day in Athens)

A: Hello to all dreamers,

J: Hi all. Glad we didn’t sleep outside last night!!

A: Last night I remember I had this epiphany,
Idiscovered in my dream the secret to everything we do,
and it all came down to one sentence:

J: Up at the top of the ceiling in a tall loft-type building. I’m hanging from the beams that support the triangle roof shape.

A: We create creativity; I kept thinking I must not forget this phrase,

J: It’s an extra feature in the roof where the small little triangle brings in more light to the whole space because one side of it is window and the other regular ceiling- plastered smooth. In the beginning of the dream this side is white and the whole thing is bright and airy.

A: because regardless of the result of what we do,

J: I’m swinging from one beam to the next like kids on those hanging games in the playground. I realize that if one was outside, I think on the ground, you’d see just my legs swinging in the window, nothing else. And then I realized that there were some painted legs, or sculpture legs you would see when I wasn’t there, but when I was there, the ceiling was then painted bright green and you would see my bare legs swinging.

A: the important thing I thought is that we create creativity.

J: Down on the ground again I’m reading a letter that artist R.B. had written to some schools where she wanted to send her daughter.
A: I have forgotten all the circumstances that led to that ‘discovery’
but I know that in my dream we were all there discussing
and doing some actions,

J: She was introducing herself and offering her services in whatever fashion they might need.

(A knock on the door disrupts the conversation, J moves over to open it, it’s R, Am and M)

Am: Day 14: NO DREAMS

A: The only thing I actually remember is that I lit a very long cigarette
and I smoked, and I got very scared in my dream,

J: I realized she wanted to get her child in the school and at the same time her services would be in the realm of cultivating or activating the surreal or unconscious world. She had a pretty straight-forward cover letter and it mentions her current participation in the exhibition Wohin ist der real?

M: Day14: little recollection of the dreams. i remember rain and my brother.

A: worrying I will again get addicted to nicotine
and suffer like I used to suffer when I smoked almost three packs a day…

J: …which doesn’t make sense because wohin is a where to kind of word so you go after it, you don’t is. And real is an adjective, not a noun… So I was trying to work this out in my mind in my dream.

A: and suffer like I used to suffer when I smoked almost three packs a day…

J: My German has really gotten bad… At the same time I was also trying in my mind to photoshop the room I was in to get out all the noise from the picture. The room was so bright and white (except when it was green), and in the dream I was going through the technical stages of how to make it more so.

A: Then I woke up feeling i must tell you this discovery, the creating creativity discovery.

J: And then also R.B. had written me an email asking what kind of tricycle did N. want, because she had found several second-hand for around 10 euros and she wanted to get one for us.

R: no dreams today

(J, A, Am, R and M decide to take a walk around Athens; they put on their coats, it’s chilly outside, they think it’s a good idea to go to Omonoia square, maybe take a nap.)


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