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FROM ATHENS, GREECE / Feb. 22, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

Unconscious Conversations (Day 16)

February 19, Alexandros, Editing Principle: through simplicity


In an American diner M was sitting with J and since J talks so much she had to finally stop
and let M say a word, but he did not, he kept peering out in the dark.
M had no memories of his dreams that night, but at least he was in J’s dreams,

and R also could not remember her sleeping dreams that night,
and she did not describe her awake dreams of that day either,
(but she is publishing the first volume of them very soon:)

Am. was kindly waiting for J to come out of the toilet, but J lost herself in shame and excitement, between ass revealing
curtains and chaps and chains.
Am was also that night spending time swimming in beautiful blue and green waters with
a boy and a girl, and the boy bought a boat and helped.

A that night was with his fat cousin V feeling admiration for her efforts to survive,
and thinking that the ridiculous maybe is not always good to be ridiculed.


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