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FROM ATHENS, GREECE / Feb. 23, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

Unconscious Conversations (Day 18)

February 21, Fredericka, Editing Principle: Wild Forest, inside the Omonia pot


I went with two companions in a forest a month ago, they were caring for me, maybe as my soul guards. It’s so sunny today that the day makes me feel I want to dance in the woods like a wild animal again.

I went to the forest. I had the whole place to myself. I went to the lake and I played sounds with the lilies, I went to the trees and made sounds on their soft trunks, I produced sounds on the leaves of everything. I was barefoot, listening to my steps. I am moving in the forest. I saw the sunrise.

During the day, I lost a tiny little piece of a branch I liked very much. I was in the woods walking for hours to find it. I met beautiful creatures there.

After I found it I went to the edge of a rock washing and playing my dreams. The sea is wild. R and Am  came to me and they were there to give me some really important practical and emotional way – a way to fold the clothes and make a sculpture in the sea. We started a night dance around a fire at the beach under the rock. We called the police to join us.

The police car flew out of nowhere; police officers joined the dance. They brought with them my approval to build a bridge from my balcony reaching to the asphalt of the street and started making yellow dresses for the dance. An officer grabs his dress and gets barefoot it in the circle; his girlfriend is in trance dance, trance dancing on the beach.

She is wearing a beautiful yellow dress, her hair flies at me in the air; she left her footsteps on the sand. He is dancing and I am flying, wearing his yellow dress. He has a shaman inside, so he came here to walk barefoot. I dance, flying in a circle on the beach with other people wearing exotic masks. I fly and see the sky of the night, the fire of the night. A barefoot girl is dancing with a beautiful dress. At sunrise, I hit my head into a purple flower on the wild field. I want to get inside the fresh sea.


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