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FROM ATHENS, GREECE / Feb. 28, 2013 / by / 0 Comments

Unconscious Conversations (Day 21)

February 24, Alexandros, Editing Principle: through simplicity

That night Rosina had to take a cold shower in order to enter a closed supermarket and reclaim her изтисквачка and ренде.
Amalia met with her and talked a lot,
she had just arrived from her horse-riding deliveries of poems near Montpellier.
Jennifer, still shocked by the roughness of her landlady, and with the thought of the beautiful secret bedroom that overlooked the sea, and with Van Halen hairdos in mind
walked with Rosina in Rosina’s dream.
While Manos was doing island hopping and with help from his friend he drove back to the island where he had forgotten something.
In the meantime I was killing people, chopping them to pieces, but there was no blood and no death involved.



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